6 Ideas for Instant Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of the most important things to consider when you’re trying to sell your home. It’s the first detail that real estate agents and buyers will notice, and making a good first impression is always important. It only takes one undesirable thing to leave a negative feeling.

Many sellers can become overwhelmed as they look around at everything that needs to be fixed or updated. There are so many decisions to be made, and also the time, resources, and cost to consider…where do you start? You may think it’s more important to focus on the interior of your home, but it doesn’t matter how nice the inside of your house is if you can’t get a buyer past the yard and through the door!

Don’t be discouraged—here are six ways to improve your home’s curb appeal:

dead-1Remove Anything Dead—This includes trees, limbs, leaves, and flowers. Freshen up your flower beds and natural areas with new mulch or pine straw. Add colorful flowers, small bushes, or potted plants.

weedsPull Weeds—Spray and pull any weeds in landscaped areas, especially those that are visible in the path to the front door. Don’t forget about weeds that may be in your grassy areas, too.

mowing-1Mow the Grass—Make sure your lawn is mowed frequently, usually every week.

overgrown_bushesTrim, Replace, or Remove Overgrown Bushes—There’s nothing worse than overgrown or tired landscaping. It can hide important features of a home, like a front porch…or cover up windows, preventing light from coming in. Trim back bushes that have gotten too tall or wide, or replace them with smaller ones. When in doubt, remember that “less is more.”

Dennis-Premier-Landscaping-example1-1Focus on Hardscapes and Softscapes—Use decorative stone, brick, wood, and mulch or pinestraw to accent planted flowers and other landscaping. Add potted plants and flowers near the front and back entry doors, but be careful not to position them in the path of your guests. Leave an open and inviting space that welcomes them into your home. Don’t forget to add touches of color and texture to outer areas of your yard to bring attention to these spaces.

landscape lighting-1Add Lighting—Landscape lighting offer safety and security features, but it also softens the appearance of your home. It can add a dramatic effect and showcase architectural elements of your home. Consider adding inexpensive pathway lights leading to your front door, or uplighting one or more trees or the front exterior of your home.

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