Tile Trends in 2015

Plan a bathroom or kitchen redesign with the hottest trends in the tile industry. Here’s what you need to pay attention to in 2015.

TREND #1: The New Way To Do Mosaics
Details can elevate a space from ordinary to elegant or from commonplace to unforgettable. Mosaics are more than little glass chips in a medallion. Here are some new ideas.

Specialty Shape Stone Mosaics
stone mosaicsPicture a mosaic of specialty shaped tiles like ovals, triangles, hexagons, or marquise. Natural stone adds a hint of luxury. Try limestone or marble. Offset the unique shape with a complementary grout or match the grout to the tile for an understated effect.

Glass Mosaics
glass mosaics
Multi-hued glass mosaics for the coming year have gotten away from the classic 1 x 1. Pencil tiles, and metallic finishes expand the definition of mosaic in designs this year.

TREND #2: A Shift In The Color Palette
Gray will continue to be the hottest color in 2015. Clay, taupe, and other neutrals are making a comeback and soft blacks will start to rival gray’s popularity.

2015 is the time to add to your palette of neutrals. This year, classic neutrals will rub shoulders with pastel blues and greens as they join the palette. Peach, coral, and purple will also become basic backdrops for the other elements in a room design.

TREND #3: Softer Textures
While polished and high-gloss are still in demand, matte textures are making a comeback this year. Tile with a matte or semi-gloss finish lets you create a softer, more livable feel. Any textured tile—wood look, fabric-look, or brushed finishes—make for that softer feel that’s big for the coming year.

Wall Tile
wall tile
Consider wall covering tiles. They let you put texture or patterns on the wall that rival the detail and softness of wall paper, without the mess. Find the perfect fit among our fabric-look tiles.

Wood-look Flooring
wood look tile
Get all the warmth and natural texture of wood in a tile. The latest technology has brought tile that looks so much like wood it’s hard to tell which is which. This year look for new trends in wood tile like:

•   Longer planks from 36″ to 48″
•   Reclaimed, barn wood, or aged looking wood
•   Mixing materials like natural stone and wood-looks
•   Parquet that creates geometric patterns with planks (no more linear)
•   Square-based patterns
•   Exotic looking hardwoods

subway tile
Love of subway tile will continue to influence designs into 2015. The classic 3 x 6 is always available in the perfect shades and finishes for your project. But consider adding a twist to your subway tile design. Go with a larger tile, vertical layout, or graphic design for a transitional retro look.

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