Stylish Laundry Rooms

All three of these projects will make your laundry room stylish — but which is your favorite?

Elegant Drying Rack

Make this expensive-looking, wall-mounted drying rack to add a custom look in your laundry room.


drying rack

Pegboard Organizer

You’ll never again leave mops lying around your laundry room floor with this pegboard organizer.

laundry2pegboard organizer1

Laundry Basket Dresser

Made from wood and laundry baskets, this pretty solution makes sorting and putting away clean clothes faster and easier.



Happy 4th of July…Learn about Flag Etiquette!


To ensure that you fly your flag respectfully, here are some flag etiquette basics:

  • Whenever you fly more than one flag on the same flagpole, the U.S. flag should fly above the rest.
  • Ordinarily, the flag is flown from sunrise to sunset. If you fly it at night, it should be illuminated.
  • When you lower the flag, don’t let it touch the ground or any other object.
  • When a flag is worn and no longer fit to fly, it should be burned in a dignified manner